Plants & Wildlife

The gardens cover over eight hectares and contain an abundance of native and exotic plant species. There are numerous specialised plant collections including the Camellia Collection, the Malvaceae Family Collection, the Arid Garden and many others.

The variety of vegetation types support over 94 different species of birds as well as a wide range of fauna.

Birds include tawny frogmouths, cat birds, whip birds, wrens and of course the cheeky galahs and butcher birds. There is a secretive spotted bower bird, and fast moving buff banded rails. What garden is complete without the brush turkeys and occasional visits from black swans, magpie geese and black cockatoos?

The occasional kangaroo, brush-tail and ring-tail possum, along with red belly black snakes, tree snakes and carpet snakes have been known to surprise staff and visitors. The spectacular golden orb spider inhabits this area and some of these ladies have a leg span as big as an average hand.