Cancellations of events and restricted activities Late March 2020

Hoping things will return to normal soon.

The Forest Star

Summer Walk  – 2nd February 2020

Meeting at 8 am at the main shelter shed, the Garden Guides were joined by 18 visitors for the Summer Walk.  After the introduction, our first stop was the Ornamental Pineapples followed by the Sausage Tree (Kigeliaafricana).  With its velvety red flowers and its large sausages which can weigh up to 6 kg, it is always a favourite.  A brief history of the amphitheatre was followed by a stop at one of the Brown Kurrajong trees (Commersoniabartramia) growing in the gardens. This is one of our local beauties which is spectacular at this time of year.  Next stop – the Bush Tucker Garden where we heard about the Native Tamarind (Diploglottiscampbellii).  Distinguished by its large pods containing two red seeds, it is very rare in the wild but easily cultivated.  The Macadamia tree has set fruit and the stop at one of the Macadamia trees comes with an entertaining story told by our expert Macadamia guide. The Pink Euodia (Melicopeelleryana) was next – another local beauty that has nectar which is attractive to honeyeaters and lorikeets.  The fruit is eaten by fig birds, bower birds and ring tail possums. Planting this tree would be a great way to attract wildlife to your garden.  The Jackfruit (Artocarpusheterophyllus), the Ivory Curl Tree (Buckinghamiacelsissima) followed and the Hoop Pine (Araucaria cunninghamii), the emblem of the Friends, concluded our walk. The visitors were then invited to look through the propagating shed and most did.  Despite the heat and humidity, it was great to have a group of interested & appreciative visitors enjoy the walk.

Noosa Council Library School Holiday Program


About 24 children plus parents arrived eagerly at the Dinosaur Dig to start excavating for dinosaur bones on Wednesday 2 October.  Squeals of delight erupted as finds were made.  The children worked together to uncover the bones and brush away the sand.  Katie, the co-ordinator, took the children on an “eye spy” walk around the gardens.  Little brown ducks, strawberries, pink flowers and red leaves were identified along with the unusual Sausage Tree and Elephant Apple Tree.  The morning was completed with Selena reading stories about dinosaurs.  The consensus of opinion was that the Dinosaur Dig and gardens are “the best” and all said that they would be coming back again.

Successful 2019 Plant Fair

Photos taken by Christine Pritchard


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